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Unify – Simplify – Amplify your Brand with SO Brand Creative ; helping businesses with Brand Identity, Graphic Design and Brand Marketing for Web and Print

Why are we

SO brand led?

The team bit – it’s our biggest USP, why? because we’ve got the right people for the right job, our approach oozes creativity, we are current and we know our stuff – which for our customers ensures the image and perception of their brand helps to drive business value.

BRAND stands for everything that a company represents, and it encompasses its products or services, goals, vision, culture, and core values.

The ‘Brand’ reflects a company’s identity.

Where can we help …

Brand Touchpoints

How a Brand is perceived affects its success regardless of size and each touchpoint is an opportunity to increase awareness and build superiority, customer loyalty, and become irreplaceable, let us show you how.

As a visual design company, everything we do has a single, unifying goal:  To set your business apart from the competition.

What do we design for?

Visual Identity

Making a positive impression starts with your logo design; it is the heart and face of your Brand.


The goal is discovering your brand’s identity and leveraging its power across current platforms.

Printed Materials

From Business Cards to  sales collateral – quality print design gets people talking… and buying!


For established businesses whose look needs a new brand positioning and a creative outlook.

Social Branding

The art of devising social and promotions, with ROI that you’ll see in your bottom line.

Digital Branding

Ensure your presence will have the quality and impact wherever your customers find you.

Website Branding

Bring your company website to life with expert web design and expand your business globally.

Brand Marketing

Our Branding specialists uncover effective solutions to grow your visual communication design.

How can our Graphic Design Services help YOU?

it is never too late to be what you could have been! Are you here because you a looking for a designer? or are you here because you are looking for design with a difference?  We create identities and we guarantee director level service and brand ROI.

Who are you? Who needs to know? How will they find out? Why should they care? SO what?

Large or small, whatever you need, our aim is to exceed your expectations.


Ready To Make a Real Impact? Let’s Build Your Brand Together!


So Brand Creative are Graphic Design and Branding specialists, creating visions in Peterborough, Stamford and Cambridgeshire

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